Film Scanning


Inside every 35mm camera is a 26 megapixel full-frame digital! Ultra-high res scanning for only 33 cents per frame!* Free C41 developing for RFF and GetDPI members and ATMTX subscribers! Normal turnaround time is 2 weeks for domestic orders.

Steps for sending your rolls in:

  1. Select your service.
  2. Check out just like you would with any product on our site.
  3. Indicate in your order notes any special requests you have on processing and developing your order (push/pulls/no adjustments/etc)
  4. Complete your order and pay with your preferred method.
  5. Print a spare copy of your receipt and include it with your order. (This is really helpful for our lab techs!)
  6. Drop in the mail, wait 2 weeks and your scans and film will be sent to you via USPS! International orders take additional time.

(Note: we can also develop and scan black & white film; development charge is $8/roll.)

*33 cents per frame applies to 135 film at 36 exposures for RFF, GetDPI, ATMTX members. Each roll is $11.99 for 135, 120, or 220, regardless of frame count.

view standard film scans

Estimated pixel ratio of scanned frame:

  • 35mm Roll: 4181x6305px
  • 6x4.5: 4824x3533px
  • 6x6: 4760x4832px
  • 6x7: 4815x5902px
  • 6x9: 4815x7588px