Aputure Light Storm LS 600x Pro Lamp Head (V-Mount)

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Aputure Light Storm LS 600x Pro Lamp Head (V-Mount)
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Aputure Light Storm LS 600x Pro Lamp Head (V-Mount)

Brighter Bi-Color

The LS 600x Pro boasts an expanded bi-color range fo 2700K~6500K while still being able maintain an impressive output. Equipped with its native Hyper-Reflector, the 600x Pro can output 5,610 lux at 3 meters (10 feet). With the F10 Fresnel modifier, the combination can reach an illuminance of 18,5100 lux at 3 meters in 15° spot.

Precision Color Blending

Similar to the LS 300x, the 600x Pro utilizes Aputure-designed color-blending optics that combines its bi-color chipset into a single cohesive light source, allowing it to be used with optical lens modifiers such as the F10 Fresnel and Spotlight Mount.

Built For Professionals

Every aspect of the LS 600x Pro was designed with professionals in mind, with incredible output, a weather-resistant construction, a wide variety of power options, and professional level lighting controls, including Sidus Link, Art-net, and Wireless DMX. This is the LS 600d Pro, and it’s ready to blow away traditional lighting.


The LS 600x Pro joins the Light Storm Pro series, featuring a weather-resistant design in a Bowens Mount fixture. Using waterproof fans, sealed internal structures, rubber caps for all ports, and weatherproof connectors, the LS 600x Pro can withstand challenging inclement weather environments.

0.1% Stepless Dimming

The LS 600x Pro joins the professional Light Storm series featuring enhanced, stepless dimming, as well as light control in 0.1% increments, ensuring that you get the exact amount of light that you need.

2 Output Modes

The LS 600x Pro features two output modes: Max Output and Constant Output mode. In Constant Output mode, the luminance level remains uniform while changing the CCT output. Max Output mode will always maximize the output for the chosen CCT and dimming level.

Professional Control

In addition to its responsive on-board controls, 2.4G remote, DMX512 5-Pin XLR In and Out, and Sidus Link® app compatibility, the LS 600x Pro is the first-ever Aputure light to simultaneously support sACN, ArtNet, and LumenRadio CRMX compatibility.

Sidus Link

Sidus Mesh integration allows users to control the 600x Pro from nearly any smartphone or tablet with the Sidus Link mobile app up to 400 meters away with the addition of other fixtures, including the Aputure LS C300d II, LS 300x, Accent B7c, MC, and Nova P300c.

Quality Color

With exceptional color accuracy measurements of CRI&TLCI≥96, CQS≥95, and SSI scores of (D56): 74, (Tungsten): 85, the 600x Pro provides consistently accurate light quality for all filmmakers, upholding a color temperature standard of 2700K~6500K.

Battery Charging

Like the LS 600d Pro, when plugged into AC power, the LS 600x Pro doubles as a high-intensity bi-color fixture and a supplementary charger for V-Mount & Gold Mount batteries, making it a useful addition to any filmmaker's toolkit.

Built-in Lighting FX

The LS 600x Pro can utilize 9 different built-in light effects: "Paparazzi", "Fireworks", "Lightning", "Faulty Bulb", "TV", "Pulsing", "Strobe", "Explosion", & "Fire". The 600x Pro is also compatible with the SidusPro FX ecosystem.

Bowens Mount

Continuing Aputure’s philosophy of modular lighting control, the LS 600x Pro’s Bowens Mount makes it compatible with Aputure’s lighting modifiers like the F10 Fresnel, Light Dome II, Spotlight Mount, and Lantern 90, but also third-party accessories from companies like DoPchoice and Chimera Lighting.

Advanced UI

The LS 600x Pro features a detailed LCD screen interface that, including a revamped professional UI that displays important information in an intuitive way, including easy-to-read intensity and color information.

Durable Transport Case

The LS 600x Pro comes standard with a durable carrying case that features wheels and a telescoping handle, making transporting the fixture to and from set a breeze.


  • Color Temp: 2700 to 6500K, CRI/TLCI: 96
  • Wireless DMX, Bluetooth Control
  • Multi-Voltage Power, Optional Batteries
  • 4 Dimming Modes, Wireless Remote
  • 9 Built-In Lighting Effects
Light Fixture
Light Fixture Beam Angle:
Light Fixture Color Temperature:
2700 to 6500K ± 200K
Light Fixture Color Accuracy Standard:
CRI 96 | TLCI 96
Light Fixture Cooling System:
Light Fixture Dimming:
Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
Light Fixture Display:
Light Fixture Photometrics:
  • 55° at 2700K:
  • 299.1 fc / 3220 Lux at 9.8' / 3 m
  • 55° at 4300K:
  • 516.5 fc / 5560 Lux at 9.8' / 3 m
  • 55° at 6500K:
  • 453.4 fc / 4880 Lux at 9.8' / 3 m
  • Connectors
    Connectors Battery Plate:
    2 x V-Mount
    Connectors Power Input Connector:
    3-Pin XLR
    Connectors DMX Connector:
    5-Pin XLR
    Lens Reflector Mount:
    Bowens S-Type
    Mounting Fixture Mount:
    Combination 1-1/8" Stud and 5/8" Receiver
    Yoke Yoke Type:
    Remote Operation
    Remote Operation Remote Control Type:
    Bluetooth, DMX, Wi-Fi, Wireless DMX
    Power AC Input Power:
    Power Power Source:
    AC Adapter, External Battery
    Power Max Power Consumption:
    720 W
    Cable Cable Length:
    19.7' / 6 m
    Cable Cable Type:
    powerCON to 3-Pin XLR
    • Aputure LS 600x Pro Lamp Head (V-Mount)
    • Control Box
    • Hyper Reflector
    • V-Mount Dual Battery Plate
    • Weatherproof Head Cable
    • Neutrik AC Cable
    • VA Remote RC1+
    • Lightning Clamp
    • Rolling Carry Case
    • Limited 1-Year Warranty