Bosque Del Apache Excursion

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Bosque Del Apache Excursion

Bosque del Apache sits along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Once a marshland, vital to migratory birds, its rich soil was converted to farmland. Once again, it is being allowed to flood and attracts tens-of-thousands of migratory birds.

Bosque del Apache in the fall is one of the great wildlife spectacles in North America. Each morning flocks of thousands of snow geese take of on-mass from marshes, backed by beautiful New Mexico sunrises and rugged mountains. Thousands of Sandhills cranes roost alongside them, and take flight in smaller groups.

The area is filled with birds: snow geese, sandhills cranes, bald eagles, various ducks, canadian geese, northern harriers, song birds, wild turkey, road runners and various egrets and herons. Besides the bird life, you will possibly see the predators that stalk them, including wild bobcat.

If you love birds, sunrises, sunsets or nature, this is a great workshop for you.

Workshop Program

Each morning of the workshop we will gather at the gate of the refuge at around 6AM. Birds are unpredictable, but we will proceed to one of the likely overnight roosting locations for the Snow Geese or Sandhills cranes for a dawn blast off opportunity. After that, the group will seek other morning opportunities.

The workshop will break for mid day around 9AM. Students are welcome to continue to make photos, return to the hotel and download cards and nap, or anything else. The workshop will resume at 2:30PM for sunset photos of the birds.

We will be shooting within feet of our vehicles in most cases so mobility is not a primary issue.

Pre-Workshop Facebook Live

Andrew will conduct a pre-workshop facebook live two weeks prior to the workshop to help everyone prep for the trip. He will answer questions and discuss what to expect. Participants will receive an invite via email with instructions.



Getting There & Around

Bosque del Apache is in New Mexico along the Rio Grande. The nearest town of any size (with lodging, etc) is Socorro, NM which is where the group hotel is.

Driving from Austin takes about 11 hours. Flights are available to and from Albuquerque, NM, which is approximately 1 hours from Socorro or Las Cruces, NM which is approximately 2 hours away by car.

Participants will need vehicles. Due to the permitting requirements, the instructor can not transport attendees.

Camera Gear

Camera & Lenses
• Super Telephoto is recommended. Minimum 500mm on FX, 300mm on DX/APSC and 200mm on M43.
• Tripod
• Battery Chargers
• Laptop for Downloading (optional)

Other Things to Do in the Area

VLA - Very Large Array - This very large synthetic aperture radio telescope is located just west of Socorro (about 1 hour). It’s worth a visit for science/space fans.

White Sands National Monuments - White Sands is about two and half hours south of Socorro and only a little out of the way if you are driving from Austin (in west TX terms anyway). An afternoon is enough to get a taste. Bear in mind that the park is only open from approximately sunrise until sunset.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Carlsbad Caverns is located about four and a half south of Socorro, on the NM-TX border. If you are driving it makes a nice stop over that is only a little out of the way (in west TX terms anyway). Carlsbad allows self guided tours and tripods. It’s a great location to practice a little long exposure, light painting and other dark fun. Plan on at least 3 hours, and easily more if you like to explore and make lots of photos.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Guadalupe Mountains is a hidden gem in Texas, our second National Park. Located directly across the border from Carslbad Caverns (and in the same geological formation), Guadalupe Mountains is a wilderness park. There are a few worthwhile car accessible viewpoints, but to really experience the park, set aside a half to full day to hike. I recommend McKittrick Canyon but there are many other day hikes available. 

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