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Canon Week at Precision Camera

Interested in learning more about Canon and want to get some hands-on experience? Canon Week is happening at Precision camera from 10/21-10/23. Check out our full schedule for free webinars, demonstrations, classes, and end it all with a Lucha Libre Wrestling Event & Shooting Experience.

Thursday, Oct. 21 – Saturday, Oct. 23

North & South Store

Thursday, Oct. 21 Friday, Oct. 22 Saturday, Oct. 23

Product Demonstrations

2 to 6pm | North Store

What to Shoot When There is Nothing to Shoot

5pm | Online

Product Demonstrations

11am to 4pm | North Store

Sports Photography Class

5pm | North Store

Lucha Libre Wrestling Event & Shooting Experience

1 to 3pm | South Store


What to Shoot When There is Nothing to Shoot

Webinar with Jeff Leimbach

This class is full of shooting ideas designed to get photographers out of a creative rut and back into shooting. There are discussions on self assignments, shooting on spec, places to shoot, ways to shoot & more

Sports Photography Class

Class with Nicky Drake

Learn how to use your Canon camera to capture amazing action photography. We will go over shutter speeds, aperture, lenses, auto-focus, and a few tips & tricks to help you capture the moment. From beginner to intermediate, you'll learn how to maximize your Canon PowerShot, DSLR, or mirrorless camera.

Saturday, Oct. 23

South Store

North Store | 3-7pm

We've got it all: high-flying, masked wrestlers— all the drama that surrounds a Lucha Libre wrestling show all right in front of our Southpark Meadows location.

Canon is generously offering free loaner gear to shoot the event with!