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Color Profiles

Color correcting your own work begins with a color managed workflow. If you're not ready to invest in a calibration device or you want to learn more, take advantage of free monitor calibration at one of our Color Management Workshops. When you're ready for color-consistent prints that match what's on your monitor, here's how to get there:

  1. Calibrate your display. This ensures accurate representation of what you see on screen. We support many Color Calibration Devices.
  2. Embed the sRGB color profile.
    • In Photoshop, configure Color Settings for sRGB and choose "Convert to Working Space" and "Ask when opening," "Ask when pasting" upon profile mismatches. Then, when saving files as .jpg, be sure to check "Embed Color Profile."
    • In Lightroom, apply color space upon export. Look for the Color Space menu in File Settings. Select sRGB.

If you understand proofing profiles, you can download and install our printer profiles here:

For prints up to 12x18

For Enlargements (Larger than 12x18), Canvas & Fine Art Prints

For additional information on installing and using profiles, check out Dry Creek Photo.