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Fujifilm X-Series Intermediate Class

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Fujifilm X Series Intermediate Class
with Shannen Slater
This class requires face masks.
Now that you know the basics of your Fujifilm X series camera, let’s learn about some of the more advanced settings your camera has to offer. We will go over custom settings, and customizing the camera to make it uniquely your tool.  

Topics Covered

  • Refresh on menu and navigation
  • Customizing buttons/dials/Q Menu
  • Programming advanced color features
  • In-depth bracketing
  • In-depth film simulations
  • Accessories to improve photos and video
  • Firmware updates
  • Wifi


 This class is for Fujifilm shooters that already have the basic functions of Fujifilm cameras down, and want to learn more in-depth menu settings. We will talk about ways to adjust advanced settings for you to achieve a specific “look”, and to even create your own look.  

Required Equipment

  • Your Fujifilm camera
  • Charged Battery
  • Something to take notes

About the Instructor 

Shelley Preston has been shooting for 21 years, and focuses most of her photographic work on shapes, shadows, and light. Traveling and chasing the light is her main love, where she chases those fleeting moments of light and immortalizes them in a photograph. She has called Austin home for most of her adult life, but has lived out west, nestled in the Northern Rockies, and also in the Midwest surrounded by skyscrapers. She began teaching photography to share her love for the art, and to give her own, creative approach to delivering messages on the art form. As an abstract painter, her photographs and paintings tend to blur the lines of both art forms, borrowing techniques from each medium. She earned a BA from Texas Tech University, and currently works in the Sales Department at Precision Camera & Video. 
Please review our class cancellation policy below. 

Class Cancellations

Tier 1: Standard Classes
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Minimum Enrollment
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How to Reschedule or Cancel a Class
Please contact the store at 512-467-7676 or email to cancel a class. Class cancellations or requests to be rescheduled that are sent through other channels, such as Facebook or messages, will not be honored.


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