Outdoor Portrait Sessions with Harry Connor


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Outdoor Portrait Sessions with Harry Connor
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Outdoor Portrait Sessions

with Harry Connor

This class is aimed at people who need to know how to perform in the fast and furious pace of a very busy studio. It’s for the photographer who’s interested in understanding the art of painting with light by using reflectors, speedlights, and strobes. You’ll learn how to pick up the pace but still deliver high quality images with style—no science or math involved. With 20 years of experience shooting weddings, senior portraits, countless model sessions, covers and features in very mainstream magazines—I’ll share my secrets to success and show you how to handle the pace without sacrificing quality. I’ll show techniques that helped me while I was shooting more than 50 weddings and over 75 senior portrait sessions in a 6-month timeframe in order to take advantage of the short outdoor photography season in the northeast.

Location: WG Jones State Forest

Required Equipment

• Camera
• A memory card with space on it
• A fully charged battery
• Note-taking Supplies




  • What’s it really like shooting 7 days a week.
  • Gear you need for quick professional outdoor portraits.
  • Working with the conditions you are handed outside.
  • Working with Reflectors & Speedlights
  • Balancing speed with quality. 

The Basics

  • Types of reflectors
  • Reflector colors and effects
  • Fill-in lighting
  • Rim Lighting with Reflectors, Speed lights & Gels
  • Emulate the golden hour any hour of the day.
  • Volume with Quality, why you need to shoot fast and professional.

Advanced Techniques

  • Reflector Techniques; Painting with light
  • Blending both natural and artificial light to get a natural look, with a POP.
  • Creating Dramatic Effects with Reflectors & Speedlights
  • Let’s talk about Post Processing, because it makes you quicker.
  • Moving from shot to shot quickly.


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