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ProMaster XtraPower Traveler + Charger - Fuji, Kodak and Pentax

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Promaster XtraPower Traveler + Charger- Fuji, Kodak and Pentax

The Ppromaster XtraPower Traveler + is the latest introduction from Ppromasterin a versatile, compact, go anywhere charger for your Li-ION digital camera battery. The Ppromaster XtraPower Traveler + features a built in switching power supply that can be powered from either 110v - 240v AC or 12V DC (optional DC power cord required) for true worldwide compatibility. Combined with the USB power output port and its compact size, it makes a PERFECT solution for those on the go or to use at home.The XtraPower Traveler charger is available in models to fit most Li-ION digital camera batteries. Charges most FUJI, KODAK, & PENTAX 3.x volt batteries in 2 hours or less.Compact and light weight with no wires and no A/C adapters. Simply plug it in and charge your battery. Power with 110v - 240v AC or 12v DC (optional cord required)

Fuji Rechargeable Batteries:

  • NP-30
  • NP-40
  • NP-50
  • NP-60
  • NP-95
  • NP-120
  • NP-45
  • NP-80
  • NP-100
  • NP-70

Kodak Rechargeable Batteries:

  • KLIC-5000
  • KLIC-5001
  • KLIC-7001
  • KLIC-7002
  • KLIC-7003
  • KLIC-7004
  • KLIC-7005
  • KLIC-7006
  • KLIC-3000

Ricoh Rechargeable Batteries:

  • DB-40
  • DB-43
  • DB-80
  • DB-20
  • DB-30
  • DB-60
  • DB-70

Pentax Rechargeable Batteries:

  • D-Li2
  • D-Li7
  • D-Li8
  • D-Li68
  • D-Li63
  • D-Li72
  • D-Li78
  • Promaster XtraPower Traveler + Charger- Fuji, Kodak and Pentax
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