Automotive Photography

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Automotive Photography

There is nothing quite like the thundering growl of a big V8 or the banshee scream of a small turbo engine. And there are few things as beautiful as a perfectly designed car that screams speed while sitting still, or the rugged toughness of a true off road vehicle. Whether you think of a sports car, a go anywhere truck or a funky classic car, cars have defined the American landscape and our personality. Their presence is ubiquitous and every car has its own personality.

Capturing that character and beauty of the cars around us with a camera can be challenging. Cars offer unique complication that photographers don’t face with other forms of photography.

During this workshop we will learn to capture compelling image of cars and focus on overcoming the complications in lighting and composition they offer. We’ll start with using off camera lighting with cars including strategies of dealing with reflection and glare. We’ll talk about finding defining details to document each cars unique personality.

THIS CLASS WILL NOT MEET AT PRECISION CAMERA . The class will meet at ROC Austin Studio, 1515 Dungan Ln, Suite 200, Austin, TX, 78754. 

Concepts Covered

• Off Camera Lighting for Cars
• Car Exteriors Photography
• Car Interiors & Details
• Dealing with Reflections & Glare
• Automotive Photography and Basic Compositing

Required Equipment

• Camera with Flash Hot Shoe
• Charged batteries and empty memory cards.
• Lenses: Bring what you have. We routinely use wide, normal & telephoto during car shoots.
• Tripod (optional)


This is an advanced class focused on specific technical challenges faced while doing automotive photography. Students should have an understanding of the exposure triangle, using manual mode and basic understanding of off camera flash.

Schedule and Format

The class will meet at ROC Austin Studio, 1515 Dungan Ln, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78754. We will begin with a short “classroom” session and then transition to a live demonstration and student shooting. Students will have the opportunity to shoot the demo vehicle fully during the class. Class duration is 4 hours.

About the Instructors

To Josh, life is one big adventure. He founded AzulOx Visuals in 2009 and has been exploring the world and new photographic techniques ever since. Josh loves to use his photographs to tell stories, and he excels in designing creative story-boarded shoots. Josh is passionate about photography and the creative development of his students. He uses a variety of teaching techniques to help his students realize their photographic vision.

To see more of Josh’ and Andrew’s automotive work, visit

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