Warranty Repairs

Keep your sales receipt : You must have this for exchanges, returns, and warranty repairs by the manufacturer.

Do not complete any warranty cards that come with your equipment until you are certain the equipment is working correctly. Once these cards are completed, the merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged.

Please note: Most manufacturers do not require 1 year warranty cards to be sent in for your equipment's warranty to be valid, but they DO require a sales receipt when sent in for warranty repair. However, extended warranty cards must be sent in to register your extended warranty with the manufacturer.

In the event you do experience a problem, all manufacturers require a sales receipt and a copy of the extended warranty card, if any, to accompany any equipment being returned to them for warranty service. Please do not return warranty repairs to our offices. This will only delay the service time and you will be charged for shipping to the manufacturer and return shipping. All brand new equipment we sell is sold only with a valid U.S. warranty certificate. The manufacturer repair center is listed in the documentation you received with your equipment.

If your item arrived in non-working condition, please contact us immediately.  If you purchased the item online, please do not return products to us without a Return Authorization Number.