Instructor Spotlight: Andrew Fritz

Andrew is a self taught experiential learner who is addicted to the possibilities that new (to him) gear opens up. He loves to teach other people skills and techniques he has puzzled through. He finds that hands-on learning makes the new concepts easier […]

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

Fathers Day is just around the corner and we are all scratching our heads on what to get the dads in our lives that gave us so much. Here are some great ideas any dad would love! window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = […]

Don't Leave the Camera Store Without These

So you've got your first camera and are wondering where to go next or what else do you need to have a successful shoot. These are a few things that I wish I had purchased right after buying my first camera as well as some lessons learned while on a sh […]

Gift Guide for Graduates - 2019

Every year, college graduates say goodbye to student life and hello to adulthood. This can be an exciting time filled with new adventures and new experiences. Help them take on these new experiences with a gift that will allow their creativity to flourish and keep o […]

Sony A7III and A7RIII Firmware Updates

Sony is pleased to announce New Firmware Updates for Sony a7 III and Sony a7R III: Boosts Eye AF Capabilities and Adds Interval Shooting for Time Lapse. window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENT […]

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

As we start to search for the perfect Mother’s day gift, we realize that there is no way one gift can measure up to all that our Mothers have done for us, but we can still gift something special and meaningful to show how much we appreciate them. This year, gift […]

Customer Spotlight: Sandra Ramos

Sandra Ramos is an avid roadtripper and explorer based in Austin, Texas. Known for her accessible photography style and passion for telling the stories of our National Parks, and enthusiast websites like National Park Geek regularly feature her work. A self-taught pho […]

SXSW 2019 Through A Photographer's Eyes

window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new Array(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push({ hoverImage: '', uuid: 's-c8dac246-fd30-4e0a-b85a-44e717300d7c', link: '', new_window: '' }) This year’s SXSW was […]