About Us

Precision Camera was founded in 1976 to serve the photographic community of Texas.

We are committed to photography education and delivering the finest customer experience as the largest camera store in Texas with three locations.


Passion - At our core, we share a passion for the creative process. We especially appreciate the unique creative vision of every individual. Creativity is a tool we use to enrich our consumer’ experiences as well as our own.

Community - We are committed to nurturing a special community of photographers and videographers. 

Education - We are at our best when we are educating our customers and one another. We embrace lifelong learning. We learn from each other and our customers. We love to listen and be a part of our customers’ creative journeys.

Trust - We seek to build trust in our community by being transparent, fair and respectful. We seek win-win solutions for our customers, employees and vendors.


We guarantee a diverse range of hand-picked, high-quality products


Our team consists of seasoned professionals in photography and videography


Expect top-notch service, whether you're in our store or browsing online


Our repair department breathes new life into beloved vintage gear and maintains modern equipment, ensuring they capture cherished memories for years to come


Experience a genuine photo lab manned by skilled professionals, catering to both digital and film processing and printing needs

Mike Luxenberg
General Manager

Camera Dog

Phil Livingston

Noel Rankin
Service Dept Manager

Tamra Green
Sales Manager

Celissa Martinez
Marketing Director

Noah Fournier
Photo Lab Manager

Ian Cavish
South Park Meadows Manager

Kyndall Hadley
The Woodlands Manager

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Prescision Camera and Video is a breeding ground for learning, a springboard for creativity, and a hub for connection,
where novices and seasoned professionals converge with a shared zeal for their craft and an insatiable curiosity for the tools that drive it forward.