Camera Repair Services


With Full Maintenance Service, your DSLR or mirrorless receives our:

  • Clean and Check Service—Full functional check of all camera and lens functions. Thorough external detail cleaning of camera and lens.
  • Full CCD cleaning –Sensor, mirror box, focus screen are professionally cleaned.
  • Focus Check and Adjustment –we can check the focus and for camera models that allow for it, adjust micro-focus for optimal sharpness.
  • Firmware update (for models with available current firmware)
  • Shutter Count – Most models.


This service includes 1 lens, additional lenses are $38.50 each

– Turn-around time varies depending on workload but generally less than a week.


Basic Sensor Cleaning

Visual surface cleaning of CCD or CMOS sensor. This is a very basic cleaning of the CCD sensor surface only. We use special swabs and solvent and will take up to several passes until the sensor is visually clean under magnification. For critical work, models with full size sensors, large MP, HDR photography, this cleaning may not remove every spot.


Average turn-around time: 1 day, often same day

We can offer this service “while you wait” on weekdays but generally -- call ahead and arrange a specific time.

Comprehensive Sensor Cleaning

Much more involved cleaning of the sensor including mirror box and viewfinder areas that can be accessed without major disassembly. This more thorough cleaning involves multiple cleaning passes and before-and-after dust reference shots to insure the sensor surface is free of debris, oils and atmospheric contaminants.


for APS sized sensors


for Full Frame sensors

– Average turn-around time: 2-3 week days

*Please note, sensor cleaning, basic or comprehensive, does not guarantee all spots will be removed from image capture. Inaccessible dust can become embedded under the filter. Blemishes, corrosion, scratches, pitting, some stains and defects are irremovable.


Complete inspection and functional check and thorough external cleaning of your camera and or lens.     

Camera with or w/out 1 lens


External cleaning of the camera body with plastic safe cleaners. Cleaning of the optical surfaces, mirror & eyepiece with optical glass cleaners and non-scratch cloths. Cleaning of the Lens mount and mirror box and all electrical contacts with antioxidant solution. Complete inspection of all functions, update firmware as needed.
--  Additional lenses $25 each.  


Lens only


External cleaning of the lens body with plastic safe cleaners. Cleaning of the optical surfaces front and rear with optical glass cleaners and non-scratch cloths. Cleaning of the electrical contacts with antioxidant solution. Thorough check of the zoom and focus rings, f-stop and AF/M switch. Focus check to assure correct focus at infinity.

Medium Format


The clean and check service does not include CCD or other internal cleaning requiring disassembly of the equipment.  In the event that more work is recommended we will give an estimate along with our findings.

– Average turn around time: 2-3 days

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