Light Painting Night Photography

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Light Painting Night Photography

Photographing in low light can be a challenge, but mastering this technique also grants freedom. Painting your subject with light gives amazing control. During this class, we will explore the possibilities of light painting including how and when to use different types of light sources, how to control and play with color at night, how to determine proper exposure and the basics of compositing multiple painted frames to form a single image.

Please be aware that this is a LATE workshop. We will NOT meet at Precision Camera. The shoot location will be emailed to you prior to class. This class will require walking and carrying your gear. 

Concepts Covered

• The basics of light painting (why & how)
• Different type light sources and their uses
• Controlling light color
• Determining proper exposure
• Basics of stacking multiple light painted frames
• Dealing with nighttime difficulties: focusing and framing

Required Equipment

• Camera & Lens
• Fully Charged Battery
• Memory Cards
• Cable Release
• Tripod & Ball-head

Other Required Items

• Sturdy Shoes
• Long Pants
• Snacks and Water
• Head lamp or other flashlight


This is a all levels class. The concepts covered will be presented in a way that any photographer can follow along and will be able to make star trails after the class. More advanced students will learn advanced tricks and tips for making and post processing light painting images.

Schedule and Format

This is a hands-on, excursion-based class. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no indoor elements to this class. Outdoor shooting only. Students will make their own light painting photos with the help of the instructor.

About the Instructor

To Josh, life is one big adventure. He founded AzulOx Visuals in 2009 and has been exploring the world and new photographic techniques ever since. Josh loves to use his photographs to tell stories, and he excels in designing creative story-boarded shoots. Josh is passionate about photography and the creative development of his students. He uses a variety of teaching techniques to help his students realize their photographic vision.

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