Photoshop 101

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Photoshop 101
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Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

with Kathryne Johnson at Anderson Ln
with Michael Pliskin at South Location
and Shelby Burrell at The Woodlands

If you want to adjust and process your images, Adobe Photoshop is great software. But it is a big program that can be overwhelming. This class will cover the basics to get you started and give you a foundation to grow from. Your camera settings are only the first half of exposure. How you develop an image is the rest. Learn how to get the most out of your digital images using Adobe Photoshop, a digital darkroom.

To insure that class can begin promptly at it's start time, please have a fully installed and working version of Photoshop on your laptop. If you have a desktop computer, you can simply take notes. See the "Required Equipment" section below for more information. 

Please register early, within 5 days of the start date, to reduce the likelihood of course cancellation. 

Topics Covered

  • How the tool bar works
  • The secrets to zooming in on and moving an image quickly and easily
  • Where the mini menu is for each tool
  • Taking things out of a photograph using the clone tool
  • Creating layers
  • How to do the Alt/Option dance to select for cloning
  • How to get rid of blemishes using the healing brush
  • Using opacity to choose how much wrinkles show
  • Saving images
  • Viewing multiple images
  • Using the Camera RAW filter for image adjustment of both raw and other image file types
  • How to setup the History Pallet for forgiveness when you make a mistake
  • Resizing brushes and adjusting softness

Topics may slightly differ depending on instructor


This workshop is geared towards beginners who want to learn the basics of Photoshop and how to adjust their images using it.

Required Equipment

  • A computer with the current version of Adobe Photoshop CC installed and working. (Those without a laptop often come and just take notes.)
  • A notepad or device for note taking. 

Schedule and Format

This workshop is slide presentation with hands-on elements. We will provide you files for you to work with and follow along. This session is three-hours long with a break around the midway point.

About the Instructors

Michael Pliskin

Michael is an award-winning professional photographer, designer and writer. He was an early digital imaging enthusiast, having been a staff technical advisor at Nikon, Inc. at the beginning of the digital photography era. His photography appears in books, magazines and corporate annual reports in the United States and Europe, and on the covers and inserts of live performance DVDs and music CDs for major artists such as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Chicago, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Michael was an early Beta tester on the original version of Lightroom and was on Adobe’s Beta testing team for Lightroom 4. He wrote a book on Adobe Lightroom and teaches Digital Imaging, Photoshop, and Lightroom at photography schools and other institutes of higher education, where he introduces digital photographers to the wonders of RAW photography. He earned a BFA in Photography and Design from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

Please review our class cancellation policy below. 

Class & Event Cancellations

Tier 1: Standard Classes
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How to Reschedule or Cancel a Class
Please contact the store at 512-467-7676 or email to cancel a class. Class cancellations or requests to be rescheduled that are sent through other channels, such as Facebook or messages, will not be honored.