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The Business of Wedding Photography

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The Business of Wedding Photography
with Dustin Meyer
This class will focus on aspects of running a successful wedding or studio photography business. Have you ever found yourself wondering why some photography studios thrive, and some take a dive? Having a passion for taking pictures isn't enough when it comes down to the difference in making a profit and losing money.
In order for you to stay on top of your game, you have to have a very strong head for business. Photography is typically only 10% of a successful photographer's job. A successful photographer has to know how to market, advertise, price products so they are profitable and so much more. Once you understand these aspects of the business, you have to figure out how to keep your business moving forward. Included in this class is a copy of Dustin's price sheet, wedding contract, and presentation slides for you to use as templates to get you started in your own business.
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Topics Covered

• Pricing
• Contracts
• Products
• Marketing
• Advertising
• Post-Production
• Accounting
• Sales

What You Will Need

• Laptop/Notebook for taking notes
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