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Why Buy Here



We're unique, just like you.

We're photographers of every flavor. Customers trust us because we practice what we sell. We're moms and dads taking photos of our kids. We're freelancers who shoot for magazines and PR firms. We're pros who shoot models, weddings, products and architecture for our livelihood. When you ask us what works and why, we'll tell you from experience. If we wouldn't put it in our bag, we won't put it in yours.

We ain't gettin' any younger.

Truth be told, we're no spring chickens. Sure, the website girls are cute and the video guy is a Hollywood hunk, but we're here because we've been there. At last count, ten people on our sales staff accounted for over 180 years of experience. These are the people you want to take photographic advice from. It's the reason we're trusted by pros everywhere. Not to mention, they have some crazy stories. Fair warning though, experience looks better on some of us than others.

We fix it right. Here. Fast.

Our in-house service department is second to none. When it comes to quality control, the word "obsessive" gets thrown around. A lot.

Right-on rental.

We know what it's like to need something. Now. When only the right tool will do, come on over to our tool shed, neighbor. Just bring it back when you're done. Promise?

See you tomorrow.

We'll be here. Have been since 1976, and we're not going anywhere. In that time we've built rock solid relationships with the manufacturers that feed our passion and the photo community that's nurtured us. We wouldn't be here without you. You won't be without us.