Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox - 5'

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Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox - 5'
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Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox - 5'

Superb Softness

The Light Dome 150's expansive 5 foot (150cm) transforms Bowens Mount point-source lights into a massive soft source, elegantly illuminating large spaces.

Multiple Diffusions

Like other members of the Light Dome family, the Light Dome 150 includes two diffusion options (1.5 & 2.5 Stop), allowing you to adjust the density and quality of your soft light.

Quick Build

Using Aputure's pioneered quick-release setup design, the Light Dome 150 remains one of fastest modifiers on the market and can be assembled in seconds.

Light Control Grid

No Aputure soft light modifier would be complete without the ability to control the direction of the light source. The Light Dome 150 includes a 45° fabric light control grid to minimize excess spill light so you can achieve the perfect look.

Perfectly Circular

Following the Light Dome II, the Light Dome 150 utilizes a 32-sided design, resulting in one of the most perfectly round modifiers on the market, allowing for completely circular reflections.

Universal Accessory

The entire Light Dome lineup utilizes the most common lighting accessory mount in the world: the Bowens Mount. And the Light Dome 150 is no exception, allowing it to be used in conjunction with any Bowens Mount fixture including Aputure's Light Storm product line, and works especially well with the output power of the LS 600 series.


  • 32-Sided Design for Circular Reflections
  • 2 Front Diffusers: 1.5 and 2.5 Stops
  • Removable Inner Diffuser
  • 40° Fabric Grid
  • Widely Compatible Bowens Speed Ring
  • Carrying Bag
  • 31.5" Depth for Focused Output
  • Natural-Looking Catchlights
Requires Speed Ring:
Speed Ring Included
Accepts Grids:
Removable Front Face:
Removable Interior Baffle:
Light Loss:
1.5 Stops (with Diffuser) | 2.5 Stops (with Diffuser)
Quick Open Type:
Click/Locking Type
Circular Dimensions:
ø: 59.1 x D: 31.5" / ø: 150.0 x D: 80.0 cm
7.32 lb / 3.32 kg
  • Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox (5')
  • 32 x Rod
  • 2 x Front Diffuser
  • Inner Diffuser
  • Bowens Speed Ring
  • 405' Fabric Grid
  • Carrying Bag
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty