Resumen: LUMIX BGH1 en Español

La LUMIX BGH1 es una cámara tipo caja excepcionalmente ligera y fácil de instalar que llegó justo a tiempo, en un contexto de creciente necesidad de soluciones de transmisión de alta calidad además de la producción cinematográfica y de transmisión tradicional.Compra aqui.… Read More

Spring Photography Workshops in Austin

We've got some big, exciting workshops coming up this spring! You won't want to miss these niche photography opportunities. Flash Fest: Off-Camera Flash Weekend WorkshopSaturday & Sunday, March 12 + 13 at various locations | $399This two-day off camera flash workshop inc… Read More

Choosing a Camera Bag

Choosing a bag to hold you gear can be tough. There are so many different bags, so many designs, and so many choices. The look of the bag is important as well, as we want it to fit our personal style. Finding the right bag is important. The one we choose will carry the preciou… Read More

Improve Your Videography Without a Camera

That title seems strange, doesn’t it? In order to practice and improve your skills, it seems obvious that you would need a camera. So, how can you improve your videography without a camera? Well, improvement doesn’t always require engaging in the act. Sometimes, improvement… Read More

Check Out Our Southpark Meadows In-Store Used Gear!

Did you know that you can now see all of our in-store used gear from both our Anderson store AND Southpark Meadows store?! We have a whole page dedicated to our used gear in the South store that's updated daily! Check it out here:… Read More

Resumen: LUMIX GH5M2 en Español

Mira nuestro video de YouTube en la legendaria experiencia LUMIX GH5, ¡ahora con transmisión en vivo! La LUMIX GH5M2 se basa en la GH5, una cámara icónica para fotografía y videografía profesional, y agrega funciones para desafiarte a tus niveles más altos de creatividad.… Read More

Drones... They're Awesome!

Drones don’t have a long history in consumer videography. After only a few years on the market, drones have exploded in popularity. The reason why is clear: drones are awesome. In 2013, Amazon announced that it would testing deliveries using drones. The public’s interest was p… Read More