Get Your Portfolio Reviewed + Help a Good a Cause!

We're hosting portfolio reviews at our Southpark Meadows store for just $10 a spot. Bring in your portfolio from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and have our experts give you direction and advice on how you can grow as a photographer.Not only will you benefit from getting feedback on your work… Read More

Why Filters Are a Photographer's Best Friend

If you didn’t already know, filters can be amazingly helpful and useful. Cameras unfortunately just aren’t capable of always capturing light how we want them to. When we need some extra help to manipulate light, we use a filter. Filters shouldn’t be thrown onto a lens just be… Read More

Can Social Media Get You More Video Work?

Social media has become an essential marketing tool. Despite the saturation of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, social media remains a place where talent can be discovered. The popularity of a social platform shouldn’t deter you from posting your work there.What’s more… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Frank Anzalone

Former Precision Camera employee and local photographer, Frank Anzalone has been interested in photography and cameras from a young age. His photography knows no bounds as Anzalone is always experimenting with different kinds of photography and new gear. I chatted with Anzal… Read More

Distinguishing Cinema Lenses from Other Camera Lenses

The great cinema lens. If you’ve referred to another lens in your kit as a beast, you may not actually know what that word means. The cinema lens is a verifiable ferocious beast. Cinema lenses are made specifically for producing great video, so there are quite a few difference… Read More

The World of Cinema Cameras

Every time you see any sort of video that you find beautiful, you wonder what was used to shoot it. Gear is the first thing that comes to mind when we are inspired to recreate the look of a video we liked. The gold standard in video gear is the cinema camera. Anyone shoo… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Michael Maly

Hobbyist concert photographer, turned professional commercial photographer, Michael Maly began taking his photographic work more seriously with the nudge of a friend. Maly is heavily involved in the live music photogrpahy scene in Austin, but has more recently branched in out to… Read More