Local Photographer Spotlight: Miachel Pruett

Known for her dreamy and crisp images, Miachel Pruett is a still life photographer specializing in food, drink, and beauty. Pruett has worked with many stand-out brands from Quaker Oats to Starbucks and Whataburger and encapsulates their branding while still produc… Read More

Local Austin Photographer Spotlight: Heather Miller-Camp

Lover of the fantastical and macabre, you never know what kind of photo to expect from Heather Miller-Camp's, but it's certain to have her signature style on it! From fine art portraits to manipulating models to give them a doll-like appearance, Miller-Camp's work is nothing shor… Read More

Local Austin Photographer Spotlight: Joachim Rayos

By day, Joachim Rayos is a mechanical engineer, but in his spare time, you can find him immersed in his other passions: automotive photography, cycling or posting to an automotive online community platform, DriveTribe. Rayos shoots both digitally and with film, but has alw… Read More

Local Austin Photographer Spotlight: John Rogers

Native Austinite, John Rogers, has over thirty years of photography and television film production under his belt. After graduating from the University of Texas, Rogers went on to have a successful career in media and photography. His photos have been featured in v… Read More

Austin Photographer Spotlight: José Ruiz

With photos dripping with nostalgia for simpler times, local photographer José Ruiz transforms mundane, everyday life into captivating photographs that tell a story. Since Ruiz began shooting on film, each shot is well-thought-out and calculated making for thoughtful and int… Read More

Austin Photographer Spotlight: Warren Capps

Although local photographer Warren Capps calls central Texas home, that certainly doesn't speak to his wanderlust and love for travel photography. Capps has taken photos of different cultures, landscapes and wildlife around the world, from the frigid snow caps of Antarctica… Read More

Austin Photographer Spotlight: Ismael Quintanilla III

Local concert photographer, Ismael Quintanilla III has been documenting the magic that is live music since he was a young teenager. Quintanilla sees photography as an opportunity to build relationships with fellow creatives and to help build each other up. Viewers… Read More

Austin Photographer Spotlight: Raphael Umscheid

As an artist and photographer based in Austin, TX, Raphael Umscheid doesn’t limit his craft strictly to photography. From multimedia projects, video work, paintings and photos, Umscheid’s creativity has no limits. His work has been published in several impressive publication… Read More

Local Austin Photographer Spotlight: Kirk Tuck

Long-time commercial photographer, avid blogger, lighting master and multiple-book author, Kirk Tuck has certainly been around the block in the photography world. He got his start by assistant teaching at the University of Texas working under three commercial photo… Read More