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Mock Wedding with Dustin Meyer at Chateau Bellevue

Mock Wedding Workshop - Tuesday June 7th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Chateau BellevueThis 1 day workshop will be led by acclaimed photographer Dustin Meyer. Dustin Meyer is a internationally recognized wedding and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX. Sponsored by N […]

Giving Back to Austin Area Familes

Good morning my fellow ATX photographers! What a gorgeous day it is in Austin today. I hope everyone is taking advantage of this amazing weather and getting some great on location portraiture and landscapes! Send them to me so we can share your work! Email me at tjames@preci […]

Customer Spotlight: Lesley Martin

Lesley Martin is a travel and documentary photographer based out of Austin, Texas and San Jose, California. Lesley is also an instructor and contributor for Clickin Moms, currently working on a project titled "The World Beyond Your Front Door". She has been wonderful and loy […]

Why I Shoot Film

(Disclaimer: Some images below are NSFW.)Film makes me think about what I am shooting. I know that each image I shoot in medium format is going to take time to after I shoot it as well as having a cost in film and chemistry. If I am shooting larger negatives they may cost up to […]

Customer Spotlight: Haley Plotkin

1. What sparked your interest in photography? How long have you been shooting? I grew up with my dad as a videographer for the juggling and vaudeville community, so I suppose it started with that. I'd say I really started to become interested in photography myself my sophomore […]

Bringing a camera back to life!

Service Technician David Edwards has been resurrecting his old cameras for some time now. His last project was a Minox C 110 camera.  I asked David to share some of his photos, old and new, and talk to us about bringing it back to life!(David Edwards, 1983)I was going throug […]

Arlo & Julie film opening May 8 at Violet Crown Cinema

Ashley Spillers and Alex Dobrenko in ARLO & JULIE.AUSTIN, TX (April 20, 2015) -- After a year-long, sixteen film festival tour across the U.S. and in Moscow, the critically acclaimed, award-winning micro-budget romantic comedy “Arlo and Julie” begins a series limited engagements […]

Fair Witness

Update 12/8/2014 by Precision Camera David's kickstarter project was successfully funded. He traveled to Italy late November to supervise the book's printing, signing off on each master press proof. We expect to have them on our shelves mid-January 2015. A […]