Photographing the Northern Lights in Alaska

Viewing the Northern Lights is a universal bucket list item. According to National Geographic, the Fairbanks region is the number one viewing spot in the United States because it sits right under the Auroral Oval - a ring-shaped region hovering over the northern hemisph… Read More

Photographer Spotlight: Josh Wiseman

Tell us about yourself!  Well, my name is Josh Wiseman, I’m a visual story teller that currently resides in Austin, TX and moved here about 3 years ago from the Reno/Tahoe area to pursue my creative career full time. When I first moved here I dove head first in to the fitn… Read More

Photographer Spotlight: Adam Grumbo

Adam Grumbo is a travel videographer based out of Austin, TX. He's been shooting full time for 8 years and has traveled to some of the coolest places on the planet, filming for amazing companies like Mini Cooper, NFL, Indeed, The Travel Channel, Dell, HP and more. Ge… Read More

Precision's People: Earl Dolifka

Probably the best part of working here at Precision Camera & Video is interacting with all of the wonderful characters that come through the store. One of our favorite regulars is local music fanatic Earl Dolifka. Soft spoken and hidden behind an enormous and unkempt white b… Read More

Daily Life at Precision

Hi Everyone! Here's a few behind the scenes photos of life here at Precision Camera!Jerry at work on a customer's HasselbladHere comes Gregg. He's always up for a good laugh!Sales during the busy lunch hour:We love selfies too!Our Flip Flop to Nigeria collection barrel- help us f… Read More

Employee Spotlight: General Manager Gregg Burger

Gregg's GrandsonFirst off, isn’t that just a cute kid? My grandson Cash, looks kinda like his grandfather.Hello all, I’m Gregg Burger, General Manager of Precision Camera and Video. I have worked for Jerry and Rosemary Sullivan for 13 years.I got my first camera, an Olympus OM-1… Read More