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Precision Camera Live

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TUES 5/26 | 3PM

About the Leica Q

Sales veteran Tamra Green will be talking about the Leica Q, and what makes it such a unique camera on the market.

WED 5/27 | 4PM

Shooting Film!

Precision Camera Visionary and instructor, Todd White, is talking about different film cameras, shooting film and modern tools to help you nail exposure.

FRI 5/29 | 3PM

Photography History: Henri Cartier-Bresson

It's time for a history lesson. Sales veteran Ian McEnroe is talking today about legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson - the father of modern photojournalism. Whether you know it or not, he has a huge impact on the way YOU take pictures today.


Missed one of our sessions? See the links below to watch the recordings!

Fujifilm X-T30 & Nikon D750

Learn about these great cameras with Robert and Tamra, plus tons of fun accessories to go with them!

Panasonic, Saramonic & Macro Photogrpahy

Check out Ron and Sabina show off some amazing streaming gear and macro photography lenses!

Video & Streaming Gear & Tips

Join Tamra and Ron as they chat about some awesome streaming and video gear and tips!

Creating Photobooks with Lightroom & Precision Camera

Join Phil and Noah for a breakdown on creating beautiful, print-ready photo books!

Setting Up a Simple, High-Quality Live Stream

Join Mark as he gives us all the tips and tricks on setting up a simple, effective live stream!

Photography for Kids + Downloadable Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Check out this session with Ian on keeping everyone busy at home with photography projects!

Manager's Specials

Check out our Store Manager's specials on tons of amazing gear with huge deals!

Sports Photography Q&A

In case you missed it, watch Robert answer big questions about shooting sports!

Flash Photography with Westcott

Tune in to hear Todd White talk about the Westcott FJ-400 and some of his favorite modifiers!

Podcasting Essentials

Get some great tips on getting started with your very own podcast and sharing it with the world!

Engaging Your Young Kids in Photography

Join Ian for some great tips on getting your kids interested in photography!

Audio for Video

Todd White gives us the lowdown on all of his tips and tricks for improving audio quality in videos.

Food Photography Contest Judging

Watch Ian critique the finalist photos and select winners from our March Food Photography contest!

Broadcasting Considerations

Ever wanted to start a podcast? Join Matt as he walks us through some of the key considerations!

Protecting Your Gear

Join Robert to talk about protecting your gear with warranties, filters, memory cards and more!

Lighting For Video

Todd White talks about some awesome techniques to better light your videos!

Translating Your Photo Skills to Video

Join SIGMA rep Brian to talk about how you can use your photography skills to make great videos!

Photography Business Q&A

Watch Josh Baker go over some of our viewers top questions about the business of photography.

Archiving Your Family Photos

Check out these great tips on archiving your digital and physical photos and videos!

Live Streaming Solutions

Check out these simple solutions to achieve a professional, high-quality stream.

Better Web Conferencing with Westcott

Join Brandon with Westcott to learn about improving your web conferencing setup!

SIGMA Macro Photography at Home

Join SIGMA rep, Brett, as he covers all of the basics of macro photography at home!

Photo Collages in Lightroom & Photoshop

Owner, Phil Livingston, talks about creating a simple collage using Lightroom and Photoshop.

SIGMA & Panasonic Roundtable

Brian from SIGMA and Jack from Panasonic discuss the L-Mount ecosystem and all of its perks!

Intro to Finding the Frame

Sales veteran Ian talks about composition and the creative side of photography.

Fujifilm X-T4 Tech Talk

Our awesome Fujifilm rep, Matt, talks shop on the new Fujifilm X-T4 and what makes it so amazing!

Lumix G-Series Long Glass

Join Todd White for a look at the spectacular long glass in the Lumix M4/3 lineup.

Editorial Photography & Photo Essays with SIGMA

This session covers a spectrum of projects and techniques to apply to your own work!

Film Friday! All About Film Types & Formats

Join Ian for a fun talk about film, formats and types. Perfect for any analog lover!

All Things Instant! Instant Film & Photography

Join Todd White to hear all about the fun, creative world of instant photography!

ASMR Basics

Sales staffer Ron explores an ASMR setup, accompanied by a special guest!

Nikon D6 Unboxing

Owner Phil, and one of our long-time customers, Paul, unbox the new Nikon D6!

Film Pre-Production

Join Photo Lab Assistant Manager, Matt, to learn all about pre-production for film!