Photosol Ultra Swab Type 1 Intro Kit

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Photosol Ultra Swab Type 1 Intro Kit
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Photosol Ultra Swab Type 1 Intro Kit

Combining all of the necessary tools to keep your camera's sensor clean, this Sensor Swab ULTRA Kit from Photographic Solutions includes four Type 1 Sensor Swabs ULTRA, 10 PEC*PADs, 1 e-Wipe Pad packet, and a 0.5 oz bottle of Eclipse Optic Cleaner, all of which is neatly packed inside a nylon zippered travel pouch. The included Type 1 individually wrapped Sensor Swabs ULTRA that are specifically designed for image sensors measuring 20mm high, such as APS-H sensors.

Sensor Swabs ULTRA

ULTRA Type 1 Sensor Swabs are designed for cleaning CCD, CMOS, and other delicate optical and imaging surfaces. Measuring 20mm wide, they are well-suited for cameras featuring APS-H sensors, such as EOS-1D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark III, and 1D Mark IV, among others.


PEC*PADs are strong, lint-free pads that are well-suited to cleaning a wide variety of sensitive surfaces, such as scanners, CDs, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, and more, as well as films and emulsions when used in conjunction with PEC-12 cleaning solution.

e-Wipe Pad

e-Wipes are sealed lint-free pads that have been pre-moistened with a sterile, highly-refined alcohol mixture for cleaning a wide variety of sensitive electronic and photographic surfaces, such as scanners, optical mirrors, and monochrome CCDs.

Eclipse Optical Cleaning Fluid

Eclipse is a high-purity lens cleaner that dries quickly without residue. This cleaning solution is ideally suited for use with the PEC*PADs for lens and filter cleaning.


  • Complete DSLR/Mirrorless Cleaning Kit
  • For 20mm-Tall/APS-H Sensors
  • 4x Type 1 Sensor Swabs ULTRA
  • 10x PEC*PADs
  • 1x e-Wipe Pad Packet
  • 0.5 oz Eclipse Optic Cleaning Fluid
  • Nylon Zippered Travel Pouch
  • Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab ULTRA Kit (Type 1)
  • 4 x Type 1 Sensor Swabs ULTRA
  • Photographic Solutions Eclipse Optic Cleaning Solution (0.5 oz)
  • 10 x PEC*PADs
  • e-Wipe Pad Packet
  • Nylon Zippered Travel Pouch