Portraits In Depth - 4 Week Series

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Portraits in Depth

In this four-week course you’ll get all of the information you need to make beautiful portraits indoors. We’ll start at the beginning covering fundamental concepts then build to cover more advanced and creative concepts. You’ll work with professional models each week as well as a variety of lighting types- including continuous lights, speedlights and studio lights. You’ll learn about posing and post-production using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. You’ll have homework assignments and access to a secret Facebook group for off-line discussion. When you complete this course, you will have a clearer understanding of a systematic approach to creating beautiful portraits every time you shoot.

Week 1

  • Lens selection
  • Nailing exposure and white balance
  • Using continuous lights for portraiture
  • Quality of light
  • Light placement
  • Understanding lighting ratios and how to measure them
  • Using umbrellas and softboxes
  • Reflector selection and placement
  • Introduction to posing
  • Importing your images into Lightroom
  • First steps with the Lightroom Develop module

Week 2

  • Wardrobe
  • Understanding your speedlight
  • Using your speedlight on-camera
  • Equipment considerations for using your speedlight off-camera
  • Triggering and metering the off-camera speedlight
  • One-, two- and three-speedlight set up for portraits
  • Posing – adding variety
  • The Lightroom Develop module in more depth
  • Exporting from Lightroom

Week 3

  • Composition
  • Using speedlights for more advanced techniques
  • Lighting the white background with a glamour portrait
  • Lighting the black background for a dramatic portrait
  • Standing and floor posing
  • Using Lightroom for local adjustments

Week 4

  • Using studio lights
  • Understanding the studio light control panel
  • Modifiers for studio lights
  • Special lighting set ups
  • The ethereal angelic portrait
  • The Old Hollywood portrait
  • Creating drama
  • Using colored gels to alter the mood
  • Student image review

Our Models


Each week we will be joined by a different professional model and you will have time to photograph the model. Your enrollment includes photo release for promotional/portfolio use so you'll not only learn about portraiture but you'll also have the opportunity to add to your portfolio. 

Required Equipment

  • Camera
  • Memory cards
  • Laptop with Adobe LR

About the Instructor

Tim Babiak’s entry into digital photography was typical – he simply wanted better pictures of his kids playing soccer.  Tim got his first digital SLR in 2007 and he was hooked.  Before long, he was reading everything about photography he could get his hands on and shooting everything and anyone who would let him.  Before long, Tim's images were winning awards and appearing on magazine covers and billboards. Today, Tim is a full-time working photographer and the recipient of the prestigious 2013; 2014; and 2015 Photographer of the Year award from the Austin Professional Photographers Association. Wanting to share his knowledge, Tim has taught hundreds of people locally as well as internationally various aspects of photography and post-production.  


This class is a special-event. Please review our class cancellation policy below. 

Class Cancellations

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How to Reschedule or Cancel a Class
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Minimum Enrollment
Each class needs a minimum number of students to enroll before the class can “make.” If the minimum enrollment has not been met two business days before the class begins, the class will be cancelled. All students who enrolled in the class will be notified by telephone or email, and may transfer to a different class or be issued a refund (see refund procedure). We encourage all students to enroll as soon as registration begins. Please check your phone and email messages, including your SPAM.


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