ProMaster HGX Prime Variable ND Extreme Filter - 77mm

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ProMaster HGX Prime Variable ND Extreme Filter - 77mm
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ProMaster HGX Prime Variable ND Extreme Filter - 77mm

A professional, world-class high-density, variable ND filter with 5.3-12 stops of density range, that provides a clear sharp image and is easy to use.

This ProMaster HGX Prime VND filter mounts to lenses with 77mm threads and provides an exposure reduction of 5.3 to 12 stops (ND40-ND4096 equivalent). It darkens the entire image allowing for extremely slower shutter speeds and/or wider apertures with applications for both still photography and videography.

Mechanical "hard" stops at each end of the filter's range prevent bypassing the minimum or maximum useable density. A small, knurled knob provides a tactile experience making it easier to rotate the filter quickly and smoothly, simply by touch. This Tactile Control Knob is removable if you prefer not to use it.

White lines on the filter's ring indicate its density setting at each full stop. These lines represent specific densities of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 stops with 5.3 and 12 stops being achieved at each end of the filter ring's range of travel.

While all VND filters are prone to cross-polarization at higher densities, an X on the filter ring shows you where you might start to see an X-shaped dark area in your image.

As an HGX Prime filter this 77mm variable ND is one of the finest in the world. Its Repellamax II coatings, optical glass, and color-corrected polarizing films (applied using a unique, super-secret, process) combine to provide an extremely sharp image with excellent color rendition as well as protection against moisture, oil, dirt, and dust. An incredible 36 layers of coatings are used in manufacturing this filter to a new, world-class standard!


  • 5.3-12 stops of light control (ND40-4096 equivalent)
  • Hard stops at each end of the density range
  • X Mark on ring to indicate cross polarization
  • Full ND stops are marked on ring
  • Tactile control knob for easy rotation
  • Individually ground, polished, and coated with 36 layers of anti-reflective multi-coatings
Thread size:
77 mm
Neutral Density Range:
5.3-12 f-stops
Outer diameter:
81 mm
Frame thickness:
9.7 mm
Lens thickness:
4.8 mm
36 layers