Sony Enrichment Course

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Sony Enrichment Course

The Sony Camera System has become an extremely diverse and popular compact camera and interchangeable lens cameras system ranking in the highest of performers in the market today. Are you a Sony owner?  Would you like to learn more? This course is designed to target the entire current family of Sony cameras. 

In your Sony camera there are many functions and features beyond the automatic shooting modes that you may not be aware of. We'll also go over how the menu is arranged and how to navigate the different options. You made the good investment in purchasing one of these fine cameras so why not learn about all the punch that is packed into your Sony?  In this class we will be focusing on the basic functions as well as all of the fun creative modes, wifi use, shooting techniques, and video features. So come join us.  Learn about all the great things your camera has to offer to enrich your photographic experience. Please note, we will not have screen shots from all of these cameras in the class hand out. The hand out is meant to be generic in terms of all the Sony cameras and help you navigate your camera menu.

Topics Covered

  • Basic Camera Functions
  • Camera Control and Menu Navigation
  • Auto Focusing Features and Modes
  • Basic White Balancing
  • Metering Modes and Their Differences
  • Extensive Creative and Artistic Shooting Modes
  • Low Light Shooting Modes Exclusive To Sony
  • Diverse Panoramic Shooting Feature
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Shooting Feature
  • Photo Resolution and File Types
  • Video Resolution and File Types
  • Memory Card Types and Qualities

Required Equipment

  • Camera
  • Any accessories you would like to go over
  • Memory cards
  • Charged battery
  • Note taking supplies
Instructor: Ron Jewell
All classes take place at Precision Camera & Video, 2438 W Anderson Ln, Suite B4, unless otherwise noted in the class description. If you arrive late for a class and find the store is closed, please proceed to the store's auxiliary doors on the east side of the building near EcoClean and ring the door bell. The instructor will let you in. 
Please review our class cancellation policy below. 

Class Cancellations

Standard Classes
You can cancel a class registration up to two business days before the class begins and receive a full refund except for with some special classes and events such as the Mock Wedding and excursions. See below for more information.

If you register for a class that we hold on a regular basis, and do not show up for the class, you will be rescheduled one time. Once rescheduled, if you do not show up for a class, your payment will be forfeited.

Minimum Enrollment
Each class needs a minimum number of students to enroll before the class can “make.” If the minimum enrollment has not been met two business days before the class begins, the class will be cancelled. All students who enrolled in the class will be notified by telephone or email, and may transfer to a different class or be issued a refund (see refund procedure). We encourage all students to enroll as soon as registration begins. Please check your phone and email messages, including your SPAM.

Unless otherwise stated, class refunds are only issued to customers that provide notice to the store that they would like a refund no later than two business days prior to the class. Refunds will not be issued to customers who sign up for a class but fail to attend.

How to Reschedule or Cancel a Class
Please contact the store at 512-467-7676 or email to cancel a class. Class cancellations or requests to be rescheduled that are sent through other channels, such as Facebook or messages, will not be honored. Please note that class refunds are only issued during business hours, Monday through Friday.


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