Westcott Basics 45W LED 2-Light Umbrella Kit with 2.4 GHz Remote

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Brand: Westcott

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Westcott Basics 45W LED 2-Light Umbrella Kit with 2.4 GHz Remote

The Basics 45W LED 2-Light Umbrella Kit from Westcott is a lightweight core lighting kit that's ready for use in the studio or on the road.

The kit is made up of two low-heat, 45W daylight-balanced LED lamps that render colors faithfully, earning their high CRI rating of 93 and TLCI rating of 95. The lamps come with removable gel caps that instantly convert them to tungsten balance for a warmer output. The LED bulbs can be remotely dimmed with the included 2.4 GHz wireless remote, both individually and as a pair, from up to 200 feet away. Mount the fixtures on the kit's 6.5' light stands and soften the light output using the provided white translucent umbrellas. You can bounce the light off the interior in the traditional way or pump the light through the umbrella, aiming the convex side of it at your subject for a snappier look. The kit includes two fixtures with 5/8" Baby stand mounts and Edison base sockets. The fixtures can also be used with fluorescent lamps as well as tungsten bulbs up to 500W. The kit fits into the included carry case for storage and transport.

45W Daylight-Balanced LED Bulb

The 45W daylight LED lamp with Edison base has 72 LEDs that render colors faithfully, earning their high CRI rating of 93 and TLCI rating of 95. The lamp's removable gel cap instantly converts it to tungsten balance. It is rated for 20,000 hours of use and is compatible with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote.

2.4 GHz Wireless Remote

The intuitive dimmer remote pairs with the 45W LED bulbs, making it possible to wirelessly dim, group, and save output levels for bulbs from up to 200' away. It has four channels and the ability to group multiple bulbs or control bulbs individually.

Constant Light Fixture with Edison Base

The Basics single-socket light fixture features a heat-resistant wooden handle, AC power cable, inline cord switch, and built-in tilter bracket for perfect positioning. These Edison-style light fixtures are compatible with standard fluorescents, photofloods, and LED bulbs up to 500 watts.

Basics 38" White Umbrella

Bright white translucent white umbrellas can be used for bouncing or shooting through. Useful for portraits, product photography, and more.

Basics 6.5" Light Stand

Each black aluminum stand has a standard Baby (5/8") tip and rises to a maximum height of 6.5'.

Convenient Travel Case

This soft-padded carry case is designed to safely protect and transport a compact two-light kit. It can hold lights, reflectors, cables, stands, and umbrellas. It's constructed with heavy black fabric and quality stitching. Two thick carry straps allow for easy travel and lifting. This case zips closed to keep equipment clean and dust-free.

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