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Winter Expo at Precision Camera & Video

It's the most wonderful time of the year... our Winter Expo is here! Join us on December 3 & 4 for huge, once-a-year savings, free classes, gift card giveaways, exclusive deals, trade-in bonuses, reps from your favorite brands, and so much more!

Friday, December 3 & Saturday, December 4

North & South Store

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Friday, December 3 at the North Store

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Get Started with Videography | 11–11:45am

What You Need to Get Started with Videography
with Todd White

Get ready for a crash course in videography! Lumix ambassador Todd White will take you through beginner concepts and techniques necessary for shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Long Exposure Modes | Noon–12:45pm

Long Exposure Modes
with Mike Amico

Join Olympus' Mike Amico as he helps you get started using the long exposure modes found in your Olympus camera! In this class, Mike will showcase different long exposure models, focusing on Love Composite Mode with a live demonstration. Grab your camera and get ready for some fun!

Roaming with my Tamron | 1–1:45pm

Roaming with my Tamron
with Janet Vuong

Class description coming soon!

The Four-Minute Headshot | 2–2:45pm

The Four-Minute Headshot
with Tim Babiak

Most of us love taking photos of people but sometimes things don’t turn out quite as we hoped. In this workshop, you'll learn a range of tips and tricks to get better headshots in just 4 minutes.

*Keynote Presentation* Embodied, Experiential Photography | 3–4:30pm

Embodied, Experiential Photography
with Elizabeth Chiles

This talk will move through Chiles' research of the concepts of embodiment, presence, collaboration, exchange, and being-in-relation to the living world. Descriptions of artwork are interwoven with particular questions around photography and its possibilities. How can a medium with an inherently abstracted relationship to time- a medium that requires a mechanism between the artist and subject - become more embodied and experiential? What if photography could reflect states of interactive being?

Addressing both consciousness and how subject and maker shape and reshape one another, the talk explores possibilities for more personal, experiential photography.

Saturday, December 4 at the North Store

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Close-Up with Fujifilm | 11–11:45am

Close-Up with Fujifilm
with Matt Weintritt

In this base level conversation about close-up photography Matt Weintritt; Product Technical Specialist for Fujifilm, leads you through the various ways to achieve detailed images of your subjects. We will discuss the various tools and methods available for close-up picture taking and will get you ready to look at your surroundings from a new perspective.

Botanical Portraits | Noon–12:45pm

Botanical Portraits
with Nicky Drake

Learn how to start and/or how to improve your plant photography and botanical portraits. In this class, we will cover equipment, camera settings, and accessories needed. Nicky will be discussing composition and showing sample images of plants and portraits in nature. This is a class for people who enjoy plants and love nature!

Introduction to Astro Photography | 1–1:45pm

Introduction to Astro Photography
with Josh Baker

Want to learn how to photograph the night sky? Join us for an introduction to our regularly scheduled Astro Photography workshops.

Cinema Gear Spotlight: Sony & Canon | 2-2:45pm

Introducing the Nikon Z9 | 3–3:45pm

Introducing the Nikon Z9
with Terrence Campbell

The highly anticipated Nikon Z9 is here, and in this presentation we'll tell you everything you need to know about this exciting new release. This is your chance to see the camera up close and personal, chat with Terrence from Nikon, and see what's possible with the brand new Z9.

When You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change | 4–5:30pm

When You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change
with Deborah Cole

What if the key to stronger, more expressive images was not what you think? Or what you have been taught? Seeing in a new way whether you create portraits, photograph events, and weddings, or capture luscious nature photos may not be a matter of using a different focal length or a change in ISO. It does most definitely involve change and is simple, but not easy. Let’s explore this together.

Friday, December 3 at the South Store

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Printing with Lightroom | 11–11:45am

Printing with Lightroom
with Josh Baker

Love Lightroom and want to learn how to print? Then this is the perfect class for you! We are going to get you leveled up with the Lightroom Print Module and then dive into printers, papers, and ink. This is a quick version of our regularly scheduled Adobe Lightroom Print Module Class offered at both Precision Camera locations.

Introducing the Nikon Z9 | 1–1:45pm

Introducing the Nikon Z9
with Terrence Campbell

The highly anticipated Nikon Z9 is here, and in this presentation we'll tell you everything you need to know about this exciting new release. This is your chance to see the camera up close and personal, chat with Terrence from Nikon, and see what’s possible with the brand new Z9.

Sony Presents: Video Basics | 2–2:45pm

Sony Presents: Video Basics
with Josh Needham

Stills are great, sure, but have you ever seen a picture move? Almost all cameras nowadays can do both, but that doesn’t mean the same skills apply. If you’re a photographer who has wanted to become a videographer, join Sony Alpha Specialist Joshua Needham, as he helps you take the leap from stills to moving pictures! Whether you want to make feature films or just get better at taking family videos, we will cover the basics including filmmaking concepts and rules, types of shots, moving the camera, and gear choices. This class is photographers of any skill level who want to jump into the world of videography!

Street Photography | 3–3:45pm

Street Photography
with Nicky Drake

Learn street photography skill, suggestions for lenses to use, street photography etiquette, and how to tell the story of your setting with composition.

Saturday, December 4 at the South Store

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Off-Camera Flash | 1–1:45pm

Off-Camera Flash
with Tim Babiak

Off-camera flash is one of the hotest topics in outdoor portrait photography yet many people struggle to get good results. Time will have a live demonstration with a professional model to get you well on your way to making beautiful portraits using off-camera flash.

Step Into Landscape | 2–2:45pm 

Step Into Landscape
with Mike Amico

Join Olympus' Mike Amico as he shares his tips to help you get started with landscape photography. In this class, Mike will go over gear selection and settings, as well as some of the special Olympus features that will help you on your journey. Don't currently have an Olympus camera? Many of his tips will help you no matter what camera you're using!

Play Tourist in Your Own City | 3–3:45pm

Play Tourist in Your Own City
with Janet Vuong

Join Tamron Tech Janet for a curated collection of images from lockdown to present and the stories behind them. From figuring out what to capture while stuck at home to venturing out with new protocols and now back to traveling again.

DJI Drone Introduction | 4–4:45pm

DJI Drone Introduction
with Grant Pifer

Are you feeling nervous about your first flight with your new DJI drone? Or simply want to know more about the features of the latest aerial technology before investing in a drone? Many beginners get lost in a maze of settings and regulations trying to decide how to take great photos and videos while staying safe and compliant. This class is geared towards learning just the very basics and the usage of DJI Smart Fly modes so you understand how to successfully make aerial content the easiest way possible. If you have no background in drone flight or are just trying to grasp DJIs controls, this class will help you feel comfortable in just two and a half hours.

Mystery Gift Card Giveaway

On Friday AND Saturday we will give the first 51 customers a mystery gift card, valued between $10 and $100 at our Burnet Road store.

Free Classes

Free classes at both stores all day Friday and Saturday! We've got topics ranging from portraits to astro and everything in between!

We Pay the Tax on Canon

Precision Camera is paying the tax on Canon Cameras and Lenses during Expo. Excludes the Canon R3 and special order items, applies only to items in stock.

Sony Trade-In-Bonus

Trade In Bonuses of up to $300 on Select Sony Alpha Cameras and Lenses. Offers can be combined with applicable instant rebates on select Alpha Cameras and Lenses.

We Pay the Tax on Sigma & Tamron

Precision Camera is paying the tax on all Sigma and Tamron lenses bought in-store for items on hand.

Save 20% on classes

Save 20% on our entire selection of classes under $200. Use coupon code 'HAPPYHOLIDAYS21' during Expo to get take advantage of this deal.

Bonus Dollars on Panasonic

Enjoy bonus dollars on the Panasonic GH-5 11, S5, and G-100!

15% Off Bags & Tripods

For two days only, get 15% off all gadget bags and tripods in-store.

Save 10% on PavoTube Lights

Experiment with color and light! Get 10% off all PavoTube lights in-store.

Get 25% off Photo Books

Did you know we have photo books? Check out our collection and get 25% off!

Save 10% on Moab Printing Paper

Create beautiful prints with Moab Printing Paper— and save 10%!

5% Trade-In-Bonus

Looking for some new gear? During our Winter Expo, take advantage of our 5% Trade-In-Bonus.

We are giving away Austin FC T-Shirts to all customers who come to our Anderson Lane store. Limit one per customer. See you there!