Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes

Moving to Manual Mode

Photographers often feel overwhelmed by the thought of switching out of automatic settings on cameras and learning how to shoot in manual mode. We're here to tell you that learning manual mode doesn't have to be intimidating! Learn how to properly expose your photos by adjusting aperture (f/ stops), shutter speed and ISO in this five hour deep dive into how these settings work together to capture photos that align with your specific vision. You'll also learn how lens choice affects images, depth of focus, how to approach different subjects and basic lighting.

Basic Digital Photography

Learn the very basics of digital photography to get started in your photography journey. Learn about all the shooting modes on your camera and shooting scenarios where you might choose one setting over another. You'll learn basic camera operation, how to navigate your menu, digital photo concepts such as flash and composition. You'll also learn more about recommended accessories to enhance your picture taking, and how to get your images in the computer. There are no dumb questions, so join us to learn how to get started with digital photography!

Just bought a new camera? Start here to learn tips and tricks, shooting modes and your camera's menu with our Gear Specific classes!

Canon Beginner Class

Canon EOS R Series Class

Fujifilm X-Series Beginner Class

Nikon Camera Class

OM Systems Beginner Class

Panasonic Lumix Camera Class

Sony Alpha Camera Class

Adobe Lightroom Classic for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Feel like you have the basics down with your camera? Expand your knowledge with one of our beginner-friendly classes that delve into other aspects of photography.

How to Use Your Flash

How to Use Your Meter

Techniques for Sharper Photos

Getting Started with Video

60 Minutes to Better Portraits

One-Light Studio Portraits

Mastering the Headshot

Home Studio Setup Class