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Join Rob Perez for Lumen Print Workshop!

Join Rob Perez for Lumen Print Workshop!

10th Sep 2021

Are you a fan of plants? Interested in interesting new ways to create prints? This is the class for you! Join former Adjunct Professor at Santa Fe College and PCV Sales Rep, Rob Perez, for his Lumen Print workshop on Tuesday, September 28 from 5 to 8 p.m. 

What's a lumen print? A lumen print is a solar photogram, an image created on photographic paper that's exposed by the sun. It began as one of photography's earliest experiments in the 19th century.

This class will cover what you need to get started. The focus will be printing on silver gelatin photo sensitive paper, and we will cover basics of making a successful Lumen print. 

We recommend to bring items for your prints such as plants and foliage to enhance your print making experience. This class is especially beneficial for people who want to explore the versatile use of light sensitive paper, in this camera-less printing technique.