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Making the Switch to 120 Film

Thinking about making the switch from 35mm to 120 film? Shooting each film has its advantages and dilemmas. The greatest difference between 35mm and 120 is that 120 offers better resolution and detail because of its larger negatives. Photos shot on 120 film also tend to have more […]

Thank You for a Great Expo in The Woodlands!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to our Woodlands Grand Opening + Expo Sale this past weekend! We had a blast getting to hang with y’all and we hope to continue to serve as your go-to Houston-area camera store!Come visit our brand new store in the Woodlands anytime! We're h […]

Exciting News + Events for our Houston-Area Store!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: We are pleased to announce the opening of our third store location in the Woodlands! Please bear with us as we continue to put the finishing touches on the store and get stock in. Come say hi to our store manager Matt and take a look around!Address: 1793 […]

We Expanded Our Used Gear Section!

Have you been by our Anderson store lately? If not, you definitely will want to check out our newly expanded used gear section! We've been getting SO MUCH used gear that we knew it was time for an update!   Buying preowned equipment is a great way to test out […]

May Events at Precision Camera

We have some exciting events coming up for the month of May including A BRAND NEW STORE OPENING in the Woodlands! Check out the details of our upcoming May events below.This Month! | Woodlands Store OpeningWe are coming so close to opening our new Houston-area store! Join ou […]

What is Good Video Editing?

As a videographer, what would you say if you were asked to define good editing? It might take you a while to think of a response that gives a clear definition that your peers could understand. A good way to know if your video has been well-edited is to define for yourself what a […]

The Importance of Color Grading

Color grading can be a confusing term. Many conflate color grading with color correction, but they are actually separate steps in the editing process. The ability to color grade is a powerful skill to have. Color grading is how you communicate mood to your audience and is an impo […]

Beginner's Guide to Color Grading

As you may already know, color grading is a process of altering colors in a video. With color grading you have the power to build the atmosphere, to create your personal style, and to evoke the desired emotion from the viewer. As a visual storyteller, your videos are how you comm […]