Let's Get Weird Workshop Gallery

Let's Get Weird Workshop Gallery

2nd Dec 2021

Portrait photography just got a whole lot more interesting! Stop settling for the same old boring backgrounds and settings and learn to get creative and frankly a little weird in our Let's Get Weird In-Studio Workshop with Josh Baker. Say goodbye to white backdrops and say hello to creative usage of everyday objects, haze, projectors and more during this three hour lecture and shooting experience. 

Learn how to get out of creative rut with new techniques such as putting new things in front of your lens, adding haze, using alternate backgrounds and projectors, adding color to your work and more! 

Next session of this class is on Sunday, December 5 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Anderson store. Check out the gallery below to see the cool kind of work you can produce during this class. Photos by Josh Baker.

Sign up for the class here.