Medium Format Photography

Medium Format Photography

Posted by Ayo Olasupo on 29th Jun 2021

Medium format digital cameras have been coveted since their introduction. Their large sensors produce a detailed beauty that no other handheld cameras can match. With the convenience of digital photography, it’s hard to argue against a digital medium format camera. Simply put, medium format is just better. 

As camera technology advances, medium format photography has become easier to integrate into a photographer’s arsenal. Whereas many medium format camera bodies were too big to carry around, now a photographer has smaller options, making medium format very difficult to ignore. The beauty of images made with medium format cameras comes from their large sensors. Those sensors allow them to capture more detail, more colors, and smoother tonal gradations. A medium format sensor has photographic power that full frame sensors just don’t have. When you’re looking for the most detail and most accurate colors possible in a handheld camera, there is nothing better than medium format. 

Like all cameras, medium format cameras have different features for different types of photography. Though there aren’t as many medium format cameras available as there are full frame cameras, each medium format camera has features that make it best suited for specific purposes. Don’t worry, there is a medium format camera for every photographer! Read the descriptions below to see the cameras we offer and what they’re best suited for and pick out the camera that will help you achieve your photography ambitions.


Fujifilm GFX 50R: The GFX 50R is possibly the only medium format street camera available. It’s the only medium format camera small enough to rival full frame cameras for size & is light enough to carry around all day. With its weather-sealed body, all you’ll need is a little bravery to capture photos in any weather. With its amazing 51.4 MP sensor, your photos will have every detail you need to tell your story. And if you’re worried about missing shots, don’t! 8 RAW frames per second means no fleeting moment is missed. The GFX 50R proves that some great things really do come in small packages.


Fujifilm GFX 100S: This camera is a beast. Landscape photographers rejoice! 102 megapixels in a compact body - a dream for photographers who want smooth color gradients and striking detail. Fast auto focus & in-body stabilization allows you to focus on creativity while the camera does the work for you. Slow down, take your time, and enjoy the amazing images you capture.


Fujifilm GFX 100: The GFX 100 is a portrait powerhouse. It is unparalleled in medium format photography. Its 102 megapixels is enough resolution to see your subject's soul. Just kidding. Anyways, with integrated vertical shooting, you can confidently snap every shot in comfort. A 100% coverage EVF lets you see the entirety of the frame, eliminating any doubt about what will or won’t appear in the actual image. A camera capable of producing great colors is paramount for a portrait photographer, so it’ll be difficult to be disappointed with the 16-bit RAW images you’ll get from your GFX 100. For any serious portrait photographer, this camera is all you need.

Honorable mentions:

Leica S3:Leica cameras need no introduction.You already know what to expect from a medium format Leica: excellence. The Leica S3 delivers amazing resolution with classic Leica quality. A 64 MP sensor housed in a body with minimal buttons & controls allows you to focus on the images, not the camera. Track your subject with quick autofocus and shoot 3 frames per second to never miss the shot you want. The S3 even lets you create versatile DNG files for quick, easy sharing across different platforms. The possibilities really are endless with a Leica medium format camera.

Leica S (Typ 007): Another Leica in the lineup. This camera may only have a 37.5 MP sensor, but it still packs a punch. With predictive autofocus, your subject can move around without ever going out of focus. Capture your subject quietly with the noise suppressed 3.5 frames per second.Your portraits will never be the same after shooting with this camera.

*All Leica camera sales are Special Order

You’ll be hooked after seeing what you captured in your first shoot with a medium format camera. Discovering the possibilities and potential of what you can create will change how you take photos.When you reach for a camera, it’ll be hard to choose anything other than your medium format. If you’re ready to truly unleash your creativity, jump into the wonderful world of medium format photography. Make your purchase here or come in to either of our locations to speak to a salesperson.

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