Free Gear Consultations on May 22

Want to learn to use your gear better? Schedule a FREE 20 minute 1-on-1 consultation with our camera experts to learn the ins and outs of your gear. Ask us anything about your gear! From exposure mode settings, downloading photos, manual vs. automatic modes, ask away! We are h… Read More

Los Mejores Lugares Para Tomar Fotos en Austin

Nosotros constantemente estamos buscando los mejores lugares para tomar fotos en Austin. Aunque hay muchos lugares en Austin que son bellos, aquí les presentamos nuestros “Top 10” de la área.Mount Bonnell¡Los que conocen Mount Bonnell saben que la vista es absolutamente asom… Read More

Precision Camera Holiday Photo Contest!

Congratulations to @lakeaustin360 and @caseygracephoto for placing 1st and 2nd place in our Holiday Photo Contest! Thank all for your submissions. Have a safe and happy Holiday everybody!1st Place: @lakeaustin3602nd Place: @caseygracephoto… Read More

Top 10 Locations to Shoot in Austin, TX

We are constantly looking for new and exciting places to shoot here in Austin to make our images stand out. Although there are a TON of gorgeous locations to choose from in the Austin area, we present to you our top 10!Mount BonnellMount Bonnell's Sunset views never fail to amaze… Read More

Pets and the City PHOTO CONTEST

That's right! Take your absolute best photo of your pet and the city and send it to us! Don't live in Austin? That's alright! Any city will do. We will choose the top 3 photos and post them on Facebook and let you guys decide 1st. 2nd, and 3rd place! Photo must be submitted BEFOR… Read More

In Memoriam: PCU Instructor Andrew Fritz

Editors Note: Since the original publication of this article, Andrew Fritz and his wife, Adrian, tragically died in a boat fire near Los Angeles, California that killed 32 other people on Sept. 2, 2019. His boundless enthusiasm for photography and photography education… Read More