Local Photographer Spotlight: Jay Ybarra

Inspired by the media he consumes, avid portrait and street photographer, Jay Ybarra recently became a Fujifilm creator after applying on a whim. I spoke with Jay via email to learn more about his journey in photography so far as follows.How did you get started in photography?Jay… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Lorenz Schimonsky

Young photographer, Lorenz Schimonsky loves to explore and document the more natural parts of Central Texas through his photography. By looking at his work, you'd think Lorenz was well into his journey in photography, but the self-taught 13 year old photographer has bee… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Chris Tyre

Letting his creativity shine through several outlets, local photographer Chris Tyre is talented in multiple disciplines, from photography to graphic design. I chatted with Chris via email about his photography, burn out, and his overall career journey so far. How did you get… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Frank Anzalone

Former Precision Camera employee and local photographer, Frank Anzalone has been interested in photography and cameras from a young age. His photography knows no bounds as Anzalone is always experimenting with different kinds of photography and new gear. I chatted with Anzal… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Michael Maly

Hobbyist concert photographer, turned professional commercial photographer, Michael Maly began taking his photographic work more seriously with the nudge of a friend. Maly is heavily involved in the live music photogrpahy scene in Austin, but has more recently branched in out to… Read More

Photographer Spotlight: Payton Pan

Payton Pan has become a master of combining his passion for photography with other interests in his life. From photographing rare animal occurrences, spotlighting social and environmental causes, to experimenting with intertwining photography and poetry, Pan is a talented indiv… Read More

Local Photographer Spotlight: Rob Oades

I had the opportunity to chat with British fashion photographer and Precision class instructor, Rob Oades. Oades has had a vast career working with several notable brands such as Levi's, Lululemon and Adidas and has been featured in many fashion magazines including Leica S-M… Read More

Local Austin Photographer Spotlight: Stephanie Duprie Routh

Local photographer Stephanie Duprie Routh frequently photographs around the globe searching for how her personal experiences and photos relate to the rest of the world. Embarking on new projects while keeping up with ongoing projects all with recurring themes running throughout i… Read More

Local Austin Photographer Spotlight: Tim Bliss

Known for his sharp black and white photos and captivating landscapes, local Austin photographer, Tim Bliss knows that the key to good photos is patience and at times a bit of planning. I got the chance to learn more about his methods and photographic style via email as follows… Read More