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The Best Ever 2-for-1 Deal: The Canon EOS R5 C Cinema Camera

The Best Ever 2-for-1 Deal: The Canon EOS R5 C Cinema Camera

Posted by Ayo Olasupo on 19th Jan 2022

The new Canon EOS R5 C Cinema Camera is the best all in one camera. Imagine, you've just finished planning an epic social media shoot for a long-time client. Like clockwork, in your head you start going through all the gear you'll need, and go to start packing. In a euphoric lightbulb moment, you remember you just purchased the new Canon EOS R5 C, and don't have to carry your R5 and 5D Mark IV. In fact, you don't even need either of those cameras any more. The R5 C is two cameras in one! With the R5 C, you've got the best of cinema and photo quality all in the same camera. 

The EOS R5 C gives new meaning to the word powerhouse. An improvement on previous video features, the R5 C is capable of non-stop 8K,60p video recording. It's HFR (high frame rate) video is also an exciting improvement—record uncropped 4K HFR at up to 120p in 10-bit color, all while recording audio on a separate .WAV file! With all that power, Canon has made sure to make post-production easier as well. With the Cinema RAW Light feature, also found in two of its other cinema cameras, you can capture the full dynamic range of the sensor in 8K, 60p all optimized for advanced color grading and HDR. For those of us who need to turn work around quickly, the R5 C is also capable of recording 8K video in MP4, for easily transferred files.

The R5 C is more of what we've all come to expect from Canon mirrorless cameras. Capture all your amazing photos with the 45MP sensor, processed by the DIGIC X processor. Fast shooting is incredibly easy with 12 fps in mechanical shutter mode and 20 fps in silent electronic shutter mode. A fast shutter isn't your only tool for capturing action, either. Incredible focusing on eyes, faces, heads, and whole bodies of not just people, but animals as well, means you can efficiently capture photos of literally anything. If your subjects aren't people or animals, the R5 C can also track and focus moving vehicles. 

The EOS R5 C has undoubtedly taken the term powerhouse to a new level. Canon has packed 2 of the best camera lines on the market into one beautiful machine. Any videographer would be happy to click between two cameras instead carrying two cameras to every shoot. There's no job too difficult, and no limit to your creative expression with Canon EOS R5 C. Pre-order yours now here.