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Top 10 Places to Shoot in Austin (Revised 2021)

Top 10 Places to Shoot in Austin (Revised 2021)

Posted by Cynthia Martinez on 16th Apr 2021

We’re constantly on the lookout for fun and beautiful places to shoot around Austin, and we’ve compiled a brand new top 10 list for places to shoot in ATX!

10. Great Outdoors Nursery

If you haven't been to The Great Outdoors Nursery, you need to! This location is good for portraits and nature shoots, with stunning greenery and diffused natural lighting - and it's free!

9. Mabel Davis District Park 

This hidden gem is great for engagements, couple shoots, and portraits. It's easily accessible and has flowers year-round! To get there, follow the sidewalk past the playground into a wide open field. 

8. The Long Center

If you're looking for something with a more urban feel, this iconic Austin venue is good for anything from portraits to fashion shoots, engagements, and couple shoots! The skyline serves as a wonderful background for an urban look. 

7. Mayfield Park's Mayfield-Gutsch Estate

This historic cottage located inside the Mayfield Park Nature Preserve is great for portrait, couple, engagement, or even maternity shoots! It's architecture allows it to be a versatile venue - and you might even see a peacock roaming around!

6. St. Edward's Park

This location is perfect for portraits, couple, and maternity shoots with its open fields, wildflowers, and water features! 

5. Tau Ceti

One of our newest favorite places to shoot around Austin! Located at the intersection of Brazos and 2nd St, Tau Ceti refers to a single star that is spectrally similar to our own sun and is Austin's tallest mural.⁠ This mural is perfect for portraits with its very tall and colorful look!

4. Littlefield House

This historic home located at The University of Texas is perfect for engagements, couple shoots, and portraits with its beautiful architecture and unique color design. 

3. St. Mary's Cathedral 

If you're looking for Gothic Revival Architecture, look no further! This church, located near the Red River Cultural District, is perfect for weddings, engagements, and bridal shoots. While this is a beautiful location, it is a fully functioning church with services, so we ask that you please be mindful of the churchgoers before shooting. 

2. Laguna Gloria

An extension of The Contemporary museum, this location is great for portraits, engagement, and maternity shoots! The Italianate architecture is absolutely beautiful, but you do need to purchase a photoshoot pass if you're interested in shooting here. 

1. Dunvegan Keep Medieval Estate

If you're looking for medieval vibes in Texas, this place if for you. This location is a once in a lifetime location with its medieval architecture and interior decoration; however, this location is not free and requires a fee. If that doesn't deter you, we promise your photos will look absolutely gorgeous there!