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What's in My Camera Bag: The Traveler

What's in My Camera Bag: The Traveler

Posted by Alisia Gonzalez on 25th Oct 2018

The type of photographer you are will determine what gear you purchase. Here at Precision Camera and Video we have put together the ideal set up for any traveling photographer looking to pack all of their essential gear into one bag while they are adventuring from place to place. 

Recommended Camera for the Traveling Photographer:

Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Camera

Larger than a point-and-shoot, smaller than a DSLR; mirrorless cameras provide a compact solution without having to sacrifice image quality. The Sony a7 III Mirrorless Camera is a well-rounded camera that is perfect for both photo and video. Its full-frame 24.2MP CMOS sensor will beautifully capture all of your adventures.  

Recommended Lenses for the Traveling Photographer:

Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Lens

A nifty fifty is always great to have on hand while traveling, and this compact Sony Sonnar T* 55mm f/1.8 lens is no exception. It's lightweight construction makes it the perfect lens to keep on your camera while walking through tourist attractions, and it won't weigh down your camera bag when you are shooting with a different lens. It's shallow depth of field will achieve beautiful bokeh that will be sure to make your photographs as dreamy as your travels. 

Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Lens

If you are a traveling photographer, you will most likely be taking some amazing landscape images. The Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 lens is an amazing wide-angle lens that features edge-to-edge sharpness giving you crisp, life-like images that you can show to your friends and family and make them feel like they were there with you. 

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens

Now that you have your lightweight nifty fifty, and your wide-angle lenses in your bag, a mid-telephoto is the final piece to your travel lens must-haves. The Sony 24-105 f/4 is a great option, featuring edge-to-edge sharpness and amazing low-light performance. This lens is your all-around go to lens from landscapes to portraits. 

The Best Photography Accessories for a Traveling Photographer:

Promaster XtraPower Traveler + Charger

This Promaster Traveler Charger will quickly re-charge your Sony NP-FZ100 batteries. Its compact design makes it easy to pack and go anywhere with you. You can also use the USB port to charge other devices such as your iPhone, which allows more space in your bag for more gear! 

Promaster Traveler + Travel Kit

Take this Travel Kit along with your Promaster Travel Charger to have everything safe in one spot. The kit includes DC power cord that lets you charge on the go, a European plug adapter, and a handy storage case which fits your charger, accessories and a spare battery.

Think Tank Photo SD Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Carrier

Keeping your memory cards safe and organized is always important, but especially during travel. Losing a memory card is losing an entire part of your trip, so make sure that doesn't happen by storing your memory cards in the handy Think Tank Photo SD Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Carrier. 

Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder 4

Keep your camera batteries organized and handy with this slim Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder. 

ProMaster Clean Air Filtered Blower

While traveling it is important to keep your gear clean from dust and dirt particles. The Promaster Clean Air Filtered Blower is a lightweight solution that easily fits in your bag and will keep your gear in tip top shape. 

Promaster Digital HD Protection Filter

The last thing you want on your travels is a cracked and broken lens. Using Promaster Digtal HD Protection Filters will protect the top layer of your lens from dirt, scratches and cracks if you happen to drop your lens. They come in a variety of threads so you can add one to each lens you take with you. 

Promaster Mobile Lens Kit 2.0

Sometimes while traveling you might want to leave your large gear at home or you might be spending the day somewhere professional camera's aren't allowed, but don't worry the Promaster Mobile Lens Kit will still allow you to get quality images with just your cell phone. Packed with 4 lenses, this kit transforms your cell camera into a versatile tool to capture amazing images. 

Precision Camera H2Go 17 oz Vacuum Water Bottle

Stay hydrated during your adventures with this Precision Camera H2Go Water Bottle that will keep your water cold all day long. 

The Ultimate Camera Bag for a Traveling Photographer:


 WANDRD PRVKE 21 The Photography Bundle

The WANDRD PRVKE 21 is a versatile camera bag was designed with travelers in mind. It features an easy and quick side camera access, a clampshell opening with a checkpoint friendly laptop/tablet sleeve, and a roll top access. No need to worry about how much weight you are putting in your bag, as the molded back panel, padded shoulder straps and removable waist strap will make this bag a joy to carry. Other awesome features this bag includes are a secure passport pocket that is molded into the back panel of the bag, and expandable water bottle/tripod pocket, a full proof rainfly for added protection, and a 4-point system that provides multiple points for carrying your tripod, jacket, yoga mat and more.