Repair FAQs

Q. Do you do your repairs in house or do you ship them out?

A. Precision Camera and Video does most repairs here in house. Occasionally a repair will require special equipment or lack parts availability or service information, or require repair under the manufacturers warranty and will have to be sent to a factory authorized repair facility.

Q. How long will the repair take?

A. The turn around time is dependant on our technician’s workload and parts availability. We do our repairs first come first serve. On average a minor repair requiring no parts be ordered will be done in 1-5 business days. Repairs requiring parts or major repairs can take 2-4 weeks assuming parts are not on backorder from the manufacturer. Overhaul class repairs can take up to 6 weeks. Repairs sent to a factory authorized repair facility average 4-6 weeks.

Q. Do you have a rush service?

A. For in house repairs we have a rush service, which will place your repair at the front of the line. The rush fee will double the labor rate. For factory service we can only request a rush—the turn around time is completely dependant on the facility it is shipped to. We can offer expedited shipping to the designated repair facility but extra shipping fees will apply.

Q. Can you repair my camera under the manufacturers warranty?

A. We can ship your warranty repair to most manufacturers’ Factory Authorized Repair Facilities for warranty repair. If your equipment was purchased at Precision Camera and Video within the past 6 months there will be no charge to you whatsoever. If the equipment is older than 6 months or purchased elsewhere we only charge $38.50 to cover the shipping, packaging, handling and insurance for most items. Unusually large or heavy equipment may cost more to ship.

Q. Do I have to pay for the repair up front?

A. No, although we do charge a deposit of $38.50 up front for in house and most factory repairs (some facilities require a higher amount which can range from $49.95 up to $85.00). The deposit will fully apply to the cost of the repair.

Q. What will my repair cost?

A. We evaluate each repair as they come it and estimate the cost of labor and parts up front. In some cases we have to re-estimate the cost of the repair if there is more of a problem than initially evident or if the cost of parts exceeds the initial estimate. We will always get your approval in advance for the cost of the repair. Some factory facilities have standard flat rates which are known to us in advance of shipping. Factory repairs, which are not known in advance, will be sent out as an estimate and your approval will be obtained before work proceeds. It is common practice for repair facilities to have a minimum bench fee or estimate fee which is not refundable--these can range from $38.50 - $85.00.

Q. What is your warranty?

A. It varies. Major or overhaul class repairs on in house repairs come with a 6-month warranty. Video and factory repairs will generally come with a 90-day warranty. The warranty will cover the workmanship of the repair done. As with just about any warranty it will be voided if there is evidence of abuse or tampering. Water damaged equipment will carry no warranty.

Q. What sort of equipment do you repair?

A. We can repair everything from your old classic Leica Screwmount to the most current digital SLR. We service what we sell. If we can’t do it here we can get it done elsewhere—not just photo equipment but most AV equipment and electronics as well.

Q. Do you provide loaner equipment while mine is in for repair?

A. We provide half price rentals for the equivalent of your equipment during the duration of the repair.

Q. I live out of town; can I ship my repair to you?

A. We make it easy. Just print out our repair request form, fill it in and include it with your repair. Pack it up well and ship it in. Once it arrives we will contact you with an assessment of your repair and an estimate for the cost. Note, we do not ship repairs to areas outside of the United States.