Repair Warranty & Terms

On all equipment not used professionally, we offer a 6-month limited warranty specific to repair work done. Video equipment, digital equipment, commercially and professionally used equipment have a 90-day warranty. Warranty excludes equipment with sand, water or impact damage, or damage due to user neglect.

NON-REFUNDABLE SERVICE FEE: Minimum $28.50, maximum $85.00 applies to all equipment received for estimate or service and is applied to the final charge even if unrepaired, to cover diagnostics, documentation, shipping and handling. Whenever possible, repairs are performed in-house. Estimates and turnaround times for in-house service vary with volume and parts availability. Repairs sent to factory or other service centers require 2-4 weeks for estimates and 2-4 additional weeks for repair after approval of estimate. We'll notify you by phone of a) estimates, b) any charges that will significantly exceed approved quotes, and c) repair completion. Completed repairs, even if paid in whole or in part, not picked up within 90 days after completion become the property of Precision Camera and may be destroyed or sold. RUSH in-house repair is available for 2x the cost and is not guaranteed; Inquire for availability. All non-essential items must be removed from equipment at submission. We are not responsible for accessories, batteries or media not itemized on original repair form and we make no claims to the availability of service, parts, shipping, warranty or other factors outside the scope of our immediate control. ______(Initial) By submitting equipment for service, I acknowledge these terms and understand that my camera settings may be altered during the course of service.

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