Sensor Cleaning

Basic Cleaning

Visual surface cleaning of CCD or CMOS sensor. This is a very basic cleaning of the CCD sensor surface only. We use special swabs and solvent and will take up to several passes until the sensor is visually clean under magnification. For critical work, models with full size sensors, large MP, HDR photography, this cleaning may not remove every spot.


Average turn-around time: 1-2 days.

Comprehensive cleaning

Much more involved cleaning of the sensor including mirror box and viewfinder areas that can be accessed without major disassembly. This more thorough cleaning involves multiple cleaning passes and before-and-after dust reference shots to insure the sensor surface is free of debris, oils and atmospheric contaminants.


for APS sized sensors


for Full Frame sensors

Average turn-around time: 3-5 days.

Please note, sensor cleaning, basic or comprehensive, does not guarantee all spots will be removed from image capture. Inaccessible dust can become embedded under the filter. Blemishes, corrosion, scratches, pitting, some stains and defects are irremovable.

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