Westcott Flexi Gels for FJ400

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Westcott Flexi Gels for FJ400
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Westcott FlexiGels for FJ400 Strobe

Westcott’s FJ400 FlexiGels allow you to add a pop of color or subtle effects to your photos without the headaches of traditional film-based gels. Perfect for adding color to backdrops, rim lighting or hair lighting. This patent-pending 8-pack of color gels includes red, orange, light orange (similar to CTO), yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. Easily create multiple looks with one gel by using different lighting techniques.

FlexiGels are the last color gels you’ll ever need to buy. They are durable, heat-resistant, and fit like a glove over the FJ400 strobe’s glass dome. Slide one of these flexible silicone rubber gels on for endless creative lighting options. No gaffer’s tape or clips are required to hold them in place.

Gelling the Westcott FJ400 strobe with a light modifier has never been easier. With a FlexiGel attached to your FJ400, simply mount a light modifier and you’re ready to shoot. FlexiGels pair perfectly with light modifiers including Rapid Box Switch, umbrellas, and softboxes. When your photo session is a wrap, let your FJ400 cool for at least 5 minutes before removing the gel. Slide the FlexiGel off of your strobe and store it in the included case.

FlexiGels are also compatible with third-party strobes that have a 2"" height x 3.4” diameter glass dome and adequate ventilation hole alignment.

Filter Number
Operating Temperature
329°F / 165°C
Circular Dimensions
ø: 3.4" / ø: 8.6 cm
W: 3.46 x H: 1.96" / W: 8.79 x H: 4.98 cm
  • Red FlexiGel
  • Orange FlexiGel
  • Light Orange FlexiGel
  • Yellow FlexiGel
  • Green FlexiGel
  • Blue FlexiGel
  • Purple FlexiGel
  • Pink FlexiGel
  • Carry Case