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Cloth Paper Dreams

Posted by Greg Davis on 28th May 2014

We're ecstatic to have friend of the store Greg Davis around for his upcoming exhibition and premiere at the Blanton Musuem this Friday. If you haven't heard what's on tap, here is a worthy prelude from the curator himself.


I liken filmmaking to the birth of a child, my gestation just happened to be that of an elephant.

In the summer of 2012, I was invited by the Musuem of the Southwest to show in a solo exhibition for their upcoming 2013 Contemporary Art Series. All of the artists that were invited were asked to create work under a theme of "Myth and Legend". As a photographer for National Geographic Creative, and with a focus on the human condition, I started researching and made plans to attend India's mythical and legendary Kumbh Mela that following February.

It is on the banks of the three holiest rivers in India, during the world's largest spiritual pilgrimage, that a short film and twenty four piece photographic exploration of faith, devotion and purpose were conceived.

"When the Kumbh Mela first took place, remains an enigma shrouded in the mysteries of mythological India. However, it is indisputably the largest religious gathering of humanity and a spectacle, which continues to grow in the number of pilgrims from various corners of the globe who flock to the sacred shores of India, each seeking to confront the essence of his/her own mortality." penned Dr. Eugene Johnson, my guru and fellow photographer that I met while in India.

"This mesmerizing short film on Kumbh Mela captures the epic nature of this spiritual pilgrimage as well as the haunting meaning of the event for the over 50,000,000 pilgrims who participated."
- Maura Mulvihill, Sr. VP National Geographic

Journey to India’s Kumba Mela, where every twelve years at the confluence of the three holiest rivers, untold millions converge to pray, commune and ultimately connect to something greater than themselves. Watch as the stories of three men from three different worlds are woven together. Follow one man on his pilgrimage of faith, another on his journey of devotion, and a third on his quest for purpose. I feel very fortunate to have been able to piece this project together, just as the pilgrims who ventured to the banks of those sacred step at a time.

The Austin Premiere of the short film, Cloth Paper Dreams, and the photographic exhibition will debut at the Blanton Musuem on May 30th. Tickets on sale now and can be purchased by visiting Greg's website at


Cloth Paper Dreams - Trailer from Greg Davis on Vimeo.

Directed, Produced and Written by Greg Davis
Executive Producers: Dianna Eccleston-Colton and Greg Davis
Director of Photography: Travis Tank
Editor: Patrick Riester
Cameras: Travis Tank and Greg Davis
Graphics: Lucas Amann
Color Grading: Dillon Davies
Animation: John Franklin

Original Music by Indrajit Banerjee and Gourisankar